Advanced PR Writing

For this class, I developed a fake non-profit organization called Exotic Cat Rescue. This organization reflects my passion and disgust towards the big cat black market. I believe that if the media stops glorifying big cats it will drastically decrease the number of exotic cats in American backyards.

Exotic Cat Rescue’s mission is to eliminate privately-owned exotic cats and educate those that wish to learn more about the subject.

I created media and copy for Exotic Cat Rescue throughout the semester. For this class I created a logo, slogan, news release, newsletter, brochure, flier, public service announcement and persuasive speech.

I created a logo and color scheme at the beginning of the semester:

Exotic Cat Rescue Logo Below is a newsletter I created for this organization:

Newsletter 1 ECR Newsletter 2 ECR Newsletter 3 ECR Newsletter 4 ECR

Below is a brochure I created for this organization:

Brochure 1 ECR Brochure 2 ECR

Below is a flier I created for the organization’s annual event:

Flier ECR

Below is a news release I created for the organization’s annual event:


Below is a public service announcement I created for this organization:

Below is a persuasive speech I created for this organization:


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