Blade Runner Cut Down

Photo courtesy of flickr/Nikolaos Chatzis

Oscar Pistorius the Blade Runner is a double amputee athlete. Before the age of one he had to have both of his legs surgically removed. Oscar did not let this condition put him down and neither did his family. His condition was never an issue in the family considering they went water skiing and other unheard of sports from a person in such a condition. When Oscar grew up he went on to win numerous medals from the Olympics and the Paralympic Games, while setting world records at the same time. This man was an enormous role model for children and adults around the globe. Everyone saw Oscar lead the South Africans in the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games this past year. He was an inspiration that has sadly been demoted to a criminal.

At dawn on Valentine’s Day he was arrested for shooting his girlfriend dead in their home. This man who overcame such obstacles in life has a very sinister and dark side. According to the police, these violent tendencies have escalated for years. It is heartbreaking to realize that he has gone down in such a horrible manner. There is still an investigation going on surround his girlfriend’s untimely demise. In the mean time the media are pointing the finger at Oscar and whether or not he is found innocent or guilty his name and reputation will forever be tainted with this horrible act. Children, paraplegics and others alike are ashamed of Oscar at these turn of events. I do not believe even if he is found innocent his career or reputation could ever recover. It is always terrible to see a star cut down in the prime of their career.


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