Blocking Frenzy?

Photo courtesy of Brickhead Videos/Flickr

As of recently, Russia has gone on a blocking frenzy this year. So far they have gone after social media sites Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Facebook and Twitter have been quite complying to the Russian government, but YouTube is putting up a fight. Andrew Kramer’s article describes a few particular links or sites that the Russian government has it out for.

There is a specific YouTube video that the Russians want taken down, but YouTube is adamant about the video being intended for entertainment and should not be restricted. YouTube filed a lawsuit against the Russians over it. The video is harmlessly depicting how to make a face wound out of makeup materials and a razor blade. The Russians somehow think this is a control over child pornography and promotes drug use and suicide. I have not seen this video considering there are various different versions of how to make a fake wound, but if it is anything like the videos that I’ve seen, that is ridiculous. How can a video about making a fake wound be about pornography, promote drug use and/or suicide? I do not understand how the Russians can perceive a video like this into an act of pornography.


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