D.O.G. No. 5

On Saturday I decided to wander around London with a few other people and essentially get “lost.” We picked a random stop on the Metropolitan Line and wandered around that part for a bit. It turned out to be a residential area with different aspects to it that I had yet to experience in London. We came across this one sign that bewildered me. Initially I thought it was a sign of a turtle.

This is what I saw:
DOG sign

I was incredibly confused by this sign, which ties into my previous D.O.G. about driving in London. There are so many different signs that Londoners have to learn to be allowed to drive on the road compared to the United States. I researched what this sign was by google image searching the picture I took above. It came up with the Know Your Traffic Signs electronic file as my answer. This is the official edition of the United Kingdom for traffic signs. I ended up opening up a 144 page document. I scrolled down to page 72 and found my answer.

This is what I saw:
Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 12.19.53 AM

There is no way that I would have been able to figure out the sign meant a hump is one-half mile away. Beyond that, there aren’t sign examples of humps being closer to the point you are at beyond a half-mile away. London driving will always bewilder me.


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