Personal Photography

One of my favorite pastimes is to partake in photography. I first grew to love photography in high school when my mother purchased a Canon Rebel and frequently let me borrow it. Eventually she gifted the camera to me one Christmas. Since then I have grown in my appreciation of photography by becoming a photographer for The Daily O’Collegian, Oklahoma State University’s newspaper. I have been published numerous times for my work in the paper and online through their website. I photograph things from sports to events on campus and around the town of Stillwater, Okla. Since starting at The Daily O’Collegian, I have sold my Canon Rebel to upgrade to a Nikon D5200. This has been one of the best purchases in my adult life.

Not only do I photograph for my university’s newspaper, but I do some on the side as a hobby and for friends.

You can view the majority of my photography on my facebook page.

Bench2 BibleBW Coffee cups




Stonehenge Eiffel tower


1 thought on “Personal Photography

  1. I am trying to find a picture to purchase of Marcus Smart and Phil Forte at OSU for my grandson. If you by chance have one please let me know. 405-8184187 Carolyn Henthorn

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