Lance Armstrong’s betrayal

Lance Armstrong

Just last week, on Jan. 18, 2013, Lance Armstrong admitted to doping. Can you believe it? After seven straight Tour de France wins he admits he doped? After fighting it so diligently just a couple of months ago? As soon as he gets his lifetime ban he admits on Oprah that he doped. Then he goes to bash his teammates that testified against him about how they got only a 6 month ban, and he got the death penalty. I find this rather difficult to believe. I think the poor man just gave up and admitted to everything  just so he would not get banned for life. This is not to say that I don’t think he is an arrogant SOB.

Rick Reilly received an email from Lance saying I’m sorry, which did not sound all that sorry to him. And I applaud Rick for chewing Lance Armstrong out publicly. Good for him! It’s all about the lies

So Lance goes onto Oprah and sings it to the world that he doped. He tells the sob story of admitting to his 13-year-old child about doping and cries on television. That was his plan all along, to get sympathy. “Don’t defend me anymore.” I think that about sums up the interview with Lance, don’t defend him. The man gave up, if he is truly innocent like I believe, and he is throwing pity at everyone trying to not get banned from USADA for life. It is disgraceful. Oprah’s Interview with Lance Armstrong

During his interview, he did one stupid joke that probably put everybody off his sympathy vote. “I called you all these things…but I never called you ‘fat.'” Really Lance? Really? I absolutely love how Oprah just stares at you while you are pausing for laughs. But you don’t just end the joke there, you have to REPEAT it to make sure everyone understood it. I give Oprah a standing ovation for just shutting you down and moving on. That was just disgraceful Lance. Lance’s failed fat joke

Lance really is an arrogant man and he deserves that lifetime ban that he is receiving because of his cowardice to fight that he is innocent. If he truly is innocent, which I have always believed but am a bit wary of now, then he really needs a reality check. You cannot go onto national television, with Oprah nonetheless, and say you doped and not look remotely sorrowful for it. It’s ridiculous. Lance, you have disappointed the world, your family, and me.


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