‘Mr. Mom’? Not exactly…

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According to society, parents all over the United States, as well as the world, are converting to unconventional ways of raising their children. Instead of the mom staying at home, the dad is taking care of the children while the mom goes to work five days a week. While the media is blowing up the stay-at-home dad, their group only consists of roughly four percent of all at-home partners. The Wall Street Journal says that Mr. Mom is dead, but how is that so? If the dad is staying home, then how is the stereotype of Mr. Mom dead? Dad’s may have been trying to fill the mom’s shoes, but only because it was the courteous thing to do. The parent that would end up staying home full time would be obliged to pitch in with keeping the house clean enough to when the full time working parent doesn’t have to clean up when they come home. But the article says that the dad’s are not necessarily cleaning and giving the child guidance, but letting them figure the world out themselves. This may be OK to do in certain situations, but I sincerely doubt these fathers are not attempting to guide these children like the article says.

When people stereotype women they definitely hate it, but when the man is at home and is doing all the grunt work then those criticisms are harmful to them as well. When people like Betsy Shaw post an article  demoralizing stay at home dads, it is ridiculous. She says these men do not clean the house enough or ever, that they are always playing  dangerously with the child, etc. Her tone portrays that she believes men should not be the primary care giver. Her argument is based on the 50’s version of women. She expects the man to do everything that she would do if she were the stay at home parent. Newsflash honey, all people are different, especially genders. They cannot read minds and do as you wish without setting expected guidelines.

If you have a stay at home parent, expect there to be bumpy roads, you cannot anticipate everything to come. If the father stays at home, then set a couple guidelines that you would appreciate done when coming home. Also, don’t overbear the man too much, because he will turn. That goes for you too boys, cross the mother one too many times, expect a blow out. It is common that the mother would want to spend time with the child, considering she probably feels a bit replaced. The world has the notion that the mother should be home to take care of the child right? Well this isn’t always available, but it doesn’t mean the woman doesn’t hate that she is unable to stay. In turn, it is similar with how men are at least a tiny bit unhappy that they are staying home instead of working. In an ideal world, we would not need jobs and could take care of our children without having to work 60 to 80 hour work weeks. On another note, stop calling them ‘Mr. Mom,’ it’s just rude.


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