Prior posts of this blog include in-class exercises for my Electronic Communications course at Oklahoma State University. Every week we practiced conversational-style, online writing focused on assigned articles. We picked one of the articles as our topic and wrote about our perspective on the issue(s) of the article.

Our course also had three major projects that entailed creating a short movie, picture slideshow and a podcast. These taught me how to use iMovie, Photoshop and GarageBand, as well as illustrated my creative flair. The projects emphasized to me the need for planning procedures and efficient, creative ways to put the project together.

At the beginning of this course I was not familiar with the technical program used for projects or blogging.  Applying the tools to projects was very helpful and interesting.  Because the projects were so straightforward, I found doing them to be fun. The difficult part I had was coming up with a topic for the “freelance” projects. The final project was simply pulling together the article responses and creative projects on my website based in WordPress.


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