What I learned in Persuasive Writing

This past semester I have taken a course essential to my major called Persuasive Writing with Matt Elliott. Throughout the semester I have reviewed the 20 most common AP style errors, how to properly write a strategic message planner and feature story, what goes into a media kit and much more.

In Persuasive Writing I learned how to write a strategic message planner and found that this planner is essential to about every part of what I learned in the course. I continued to use the planner with almost all of our assignments and it became significantly easier as time passed. I have become faster at writing a strategic message planner and can get a planner out in roughly 15 minutes if I have all the information at hand.

In the same course, I learned how to write a feature story in several different styles. It was difficult, but I learned how to write like a journalist.

Another thing I learned in Persuasive Writing is what goes into a media kit. I learned that you need to have a news release, video news release script and video, photo gallery, fact sheet and a pitch letter.

In Persuasive Writing, I learned all of these skills and had a wonderful experience throughout.


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