Bon Voyage London!

Today is my final day in London. I cannot believe these three weeks have flown by so fast. This is a bittersweet departure from a city I’ve grown to love. I have been gone from home for two and a half months due to my internship in Washington D.C. and this study tour in London. I am ready to return home to Oklahoma and my beloved dog, Emma. At the same time, I do not want to leave. I will greatly miss the view from my window in Reid Hall at Regents University and the wonderful temperature in the U.K.

Reid Hall window view


The thing I am least looking forward to when I return home is the weather. It is scheduled to be 100 degrees whenever I get home tomorrow. It is currently 68 degrees in London. That is a drastic difference and one I will not enjoy.

I think the highlight of this entire three weeks has been the music festival I went to on Sunday. Seeing Outkast live has made my year. I cannot see anything that would be able to top that. Sightseeing London and Paris has been amazing, but I do not have as much emotional and childhood memories revolving around these two places like I do with the musical group Outkast. Outkast was a large part of my childhood and I never thought I’d be able to see them perform because they broke up so long ago. It was definitely a check off my bucket list. I actually achieved several checks off my bucket list through this trip, but I still have yet to reach No. 1 on the list. That requires a trip to Montreux, Switzerland.

So bon voyage London!  I will miss you and hope to return as soon as possible!


1 thought on “Bon Voyage London!

  1. Rachel, it sounds like you had a great trip. I hope it met all of your expectations. I bet you’re happy to be home after such a long time away. It was a pleasure meeting you. I hope I’ll see you this fall.

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