Reflection Post No. 4

For our last week in London we had our final guest speaker and agency visit. Paul Bell came to speak to us on Tuesday and we toured the BBC on Wednesday.

Paul Bell was once a partner with one of the companies we visited last week, Bell-Pottinger. Whenever he visited he gave us the overview of his successes in life through his career. He spoke of all the work he’s done in numerous countries around the world, helping their governments in amazing ways through communications. He talked about some of his work with the United States government in Middle East while he was working for Bell-Pottinger. He obviously could not tell us everything about it, but he gave us a good overview of the types of things he did there and the difference he made. He spoke about an advertisement that he put together for the Middle East citizens during voting. A Middle East citizen was interviewed by someone in the United Kingdom and asked why he wasn’t afraid or if he was. His response was that he got his idea for not being afraid because of Bell’s ad. I thought that was really cool. I hope that I can do something like that someday, to see the impact of whatever I end up doing so clearly.

On Wednesday, we toured the BBC in the late afternoon. This was the aspect of the trip that I looked forward to most. Basically, it is what sold me on going on this trip this summer. I love British television and I cannot properly express my joy being at the heart of BBC television. I saw numerous Sherlock and Doctor Who trinkets displayed throughout the building. There was a Dalek and the Police Box that The Doctor flies in immediately as we entered.

BBC Dalek

BBC Police Box



Our view of their newsroom was amazing. I work in a newsroom back home and this felt and looked completely different. I really wish I could of had the chance to actually go down to the lower level, but it makes sense that this was not allowed.

Our tour guides gave us some information regarding the BBC that I was unaware of. For instance, there are no anchors at BBC. Every single person in the newsroom and on broadcast is a journalist. They even said that they rehearse famous people’s deaths. Our guide Simon made a joke stating that, “you know you made it big if we plan your death.”

We were given the chance to do a moc reporting session while at the BBC. Three of our group members reported the news and weather and it was a humorous site considering how awful they were at it. Next we were able to do another moc performance, but it was a radio drama that was acted out this time. The story we were given was absolutely hilarious, with our group members doing a spectacular job at it. I was laughing the whole time, along with everyone else.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the guest speaker Paul Bell and finally touring the BBC Studios. It was the perfect way to end the trip.


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